Pro And Cons Of Video Games On Children

There are some things which have both negative and positive effects on the lives of humans. They affect them at the extreme level. It is in the hands of the people how they use and deals with it. If they keep a control on their usage, the downside might become positive. Same is the case in the world of video games. The video games have both kinds of effects on the player, but it depends on the player. How he play the games? If they are playing it at the extreme, it might enhance their skills or make then mentally weak. Well, here are some of the negative and positive effects which will give you the idea. The whole explanation is provided with the example of GTA. It is the game which has been most favorite game for all the players.

Positive Effects On The Players

The Coordination Of Hands And Eyes: The research has shown that the video games increase the coordination of the body, eyes, and mind. It makes them work at the same time. The body and eyes get used to it. The player has to maintain the both things at the same time again and again because of which it get used to it.

The Rate Of Accuracy: Along with the coordination the speed of thinking and skill increases. The games like GTA have a different kind of missions need to be solved. The player works on them again and again. They particular player need to make decisions instant. This makes the mind to workout.

Enhancement In The Teamwork Skills: When the particular person play games with other players it increases their teamwork abilities. They play games with coordination and cooperation.  It is not only the teamwork, but many other skills enhance with the passage of time.

Negative Effect On The Players

Increasing the Aggressiveness: The games which have to fire and fighting things in it might give rise to the aggressiveness. The video games which are great lead to the negative behavior in real life. The aggressive thoughts start arising into their minds.

Isolation: Most of the video game lovers spend most of their time in playing games. They get involved in the world of games. They do not spend time with their friends and family. This in return makes the person get isolated. He starts feeling more comfortable while staying alone.

Health Effect: The Games not only effect on mind but also on the physical health. The continuous playing of games on a big screen might affect the eyesight. They do not stop playing and use cheats like the GTA 5 online. They get the money, so they keep on playing games without a break. They get crazy about it.

After knowing all those pros and cons, you need to think what you should do for it. Do not stop them from playing but you can limit its use. So it is entirely dependent on you.